Eucalyptus Leaves Fabric Wall Decals – Individuals


Product Description

Eucalyptus individual leaf fabric wall decals are a beautiful watercolour image printed on our premium printable fabric.
It’s easily applied almost anywhere, then removed and reused as desired re-positioned and re-used over and over again and the applications are almost limitless.

To achieve the wallpaper look with our individual gum leaf decals they are in square metre packs, each square metre comes with 16 watercolour leaf images, 8 of each style to be spaced at 25cm apart.

Simply measure the square metres of your wall and select the amount in the drop down below.

3 x 2.4(or 2.7) metre wall – 9 packs
4 x 2.4(or 2.7) metre wall – 12 packs
6 x 2.4(or 2.7) metre wall – 18 packs
Leaf size:
double leaves – 16.2cm X 4.4cm
single leaves – 12.8cm X 5.2cm


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